Production Analytics

Production data is the most common analyzed data type in oil & gas. The idea is straightforward. Compare operators, plays, etc., by what the wells produce. Unfortunately the process is not so easy. It can take hours to capture, allocate, and process the data into something useful. Luckily WellDatabase can provide you the oil & gas production analytics you need without the hassle.

WellDatabase takes the pain out of the process. We provide you with the allocated and organized production data you need. Combined with our analytics, you can turn hours of work into minutes.

Dynamic Type Curves

Generating production type curves is simple in WellDatabase. All you do is set your search and click on the type curve tab. Change your search and the type curve updates. There is no easier way to generate production type curves.

Decline Curve Analysis

Take it a step further by creating a decline forecast. Use our best fit algorithm or define your decline and b factor yourself.


You’ve generated a decline forecast, how about the economics? One click and you’ve got your EUR. Fill out your working interest and cost data to get a view of your economics. All too easy with WellDatabase.