Oil & gas software is not known for it’s usability. Most packages require expensive training classes just to use what you bought. That is why we have focused on giving WellDatabase an intuitive user interface. Every aspect of WellDatabase is designed with our users in mind. You shouldn’t have to fight your software to make it work.

All of your data on one screen

One of the biggest headaches with many oil & gas tools is the the searching process. Want permits, go search in one place. Completions are in a different place. Production is in another different place. You spend half your time bouncing between search screens. WellDatabase erases that pain by allowing you to search everything in one place. Same for analytics, well details, production tools, and more. Find everything you need on one screen.

WellDatabase Well Browser


Searching WellDatabase is a breeze. A single, simple interface gives you the power to search through our entire database. We even have search helpers that will sort out name variations and misspellings. Every search returns in a fraction of a second. Not bad when you’re talking about millions of well spots.

Search Helper

Well Data at a Glance

WellDatabase makes it simple when you want to dig into the details of a well. Every well in our database has the same well details screen. Data will vary based on what is available, but your interface will always be the same.

Well Details