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At WellDatabse, we pride ourselves in bringing the maximum value to our customers. That process starts by listening. That is why we have created this idea board. It is a place where customers can come together to help us build a better product. To help us bring more value to you. These boards belong to our customers and therefore we will let them grow organically. 

Feel free to submit any ideas or request you have. We will review the request, possibly request additional detail, and then post it to the board for the community to review and vote. If you have any questions or need specific help, feel free to contact us.

WellDatabase Portal Ideas

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  • 2
    Wells by Vintage
    2 years agoopen0
    It would be great to color the well spots by first production year. Maybe add in some production analytics by first production year.
  • 1
    Standard Correlation Report
    2 years agoopen0
    Create a report that takes a well set and plots the correlation values for several of the popular correlations in Oil & Gas. For example, First Six Month BOE by Lateral Length First Six Mo... Read more...
  • 1
    Pipeline Interaction
    2 years agoopen0
    It would be good to interact with the pipeline layer. Something simple like being able to select/highlight a particular pipeline would be nice. Getting more info about the pipeline would be ideal.
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