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Perfect for users who need access to basic well level data. If you're only interested in a few wells and currently use state sites, this plan is for you.


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All of the essential data and tools you need to succeed

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Perfect for users who need more data & tools

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WellDatabase Pro

For the pros that require the absolute best data and tools

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If you need data in the US & Canada, we've got you covered.

The industry didn't start with unconventionals and neither does our data. We cover the full historical dataset across every producing state and province. Don't settle for inferior data, check out our coverage for any state or province you're interested in.

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Simple, Flexible Pricing

We have a plan that works for everyone


Not what you're used to

Transparent pricing and month-to-month terms aren't the norm in the industry, but they should be. All of our plans are offered month-to-month by default, and the pricing is below. That means no stringent contracts and no silly process for getting your price.

Billed Monthly
Billed Annually
Lite Essential Plus Pro
$ 0
$ 0
/ user / month

$ 250
$ 225
/ user / month

$ 500
$ 450
/ user / month

$ 1000
$ 900
/ user / month
Well Data
Basic headers including well name, operators, location data, and more
Production Data
Monthly production data on a well-by-well basis.
Allocated Production
Production data allocated to the well level using our proprietary allocation algorithm. Only applied to states which report production at the lease level.
Technical Data
Well construction data, test data, frac data, and more. All the details you could ever want about a well.
Well Files
Access to millions of documents and filings reported to regulatory agencies.
Well Data List
List view of well level data including well names, apis, operators, and more
Technical Data List
Selectable list of each different technical data type. This includes permits, completions, test data, and more.
Advanced Data List
List view of advanced data types. These types include spacing data, forecast production, and other calculated data types.
Customizable Data List
Fully customizable data lists that allow you to combine fields into the perfect list for you.
Basic Filtering
Basic is probably understating it. Access to dozens of filters to help you find the wells you need.
Advanced Filtering
Extra filtering options and the ability to filter from analytics charts and lists.
Share Searches
Ability to generate a link to a set of filters and share with anyone.
Share Searches with Analytics
Share your filters along with the built-in WellDatabase analytics.
Embed Searches
Create a shared search and embed it directly into your own blog or website.
Export data out of WellDatabase into Excel, CSV, or any number of your favorite oil & gas applications.
5,000 wells / month
25,000 wells / month
50,000 wells / month
Advanced Exports
Export advanced data out of WellDatabase into Excel, CSV, or any number of your favorite oil & gas applications.
25,000 wells / month
50,000 wells / month
Bulk File/Log Exports
Export out any of our millions of files and logs in bulk.
Well Mapping
Map every well in our system on an easy to use and familiar mapping interface.
Size & Shape Spots
Choose a grouping to both define your well shapes and a property to size your well spots by.
Color Well Spots
Define your property that you want to use to color well spots on the map. Options include color by operator, field, well type, and many more.
Bubble & Heat Maps
Create bubble or heat maps based on any property including multiple production roll-ups and other numeric well properties.
Grid & Choropleth Maps
Create grid or choropleth maps based on any property including multiple production roll-ups and other numeric well properties.
Map Overlays
Utilize our library of dozens of different map overlays on your well map. Overlays include things like counties, section-township-range, abstracts, basin outlines, and many more.
Plot your own shapefiles directly in WellDatabase.
Data Layers
Add multiple well searches with different visualizations, all on one map.
1 Data Layer
5 Data Layers
10 Data Layers
Map Printing
Report Subscriptions
1 Scheduled Report
5 Scheduled Reports
10 Scheduled Reports
Rig Reports & Scout Tickets
This is a great place to add a bit of extra information about the feature.
Well, Permit, & Completion Reports
Advanced Reports
Analytics - Overview
Overview, roll-up data of your current search including well counts, average depths, production, and more.
Overall Production Chart
This particular chart rolls up all production in your search and presents it on a single, clean chart.
Production Type Curve
View that gives you a type curve based on all wells in your current search. Type curve is built on the fly as you alter your search.
Decline Curve Analysis
Easy decline curve analysis tool that allows you to create a decline on any production data in our system.
Custom Chart
Charting tool that enables you to plot nearly any value in our database, making your own custom charts.
Rig & Permit Analytics
Production Analytics
Completion & Frac Analytics
Analytics built around well events like permitting, completions, tests, and more.
Volumetric Analytics
Analytics built around the various volumes in data outside of production. Injection, disposition, and more
Standard Dashboards
Group of pre-built dashboards available in our dashboards module.
Custom Dashboards
Build out your own customized dashboards using dozens of widgets and access to billions of data points.
1 Dashboard
5 Dashboards
20 Dashboards
A WellDatabase project is a collection of wells, searches, documents and more. Perfect for everything from a data room to full data management.
5 Projects
50 Projects
100 Projects
Read-Only Projects
Projects are great for collaboration, so we allow for all users to be invited to projects you create. This is a read-only view and does not count agains project limits.
Document Viewer
Tools that help you view docs directly in the browser without having to download them all.
LAS Log Viewer
Web-based LAS log viewer with customizable tracks, scales, fills, and more.
Tiff / Image Viewer
Viewer for huge Tiff files and other images. Another tool to keep you from having to download every file or speciality viewers.
Excel Add-in
Add-in for Excel that allows you to easily stream data directly into any of your Excel worksheets.
Document Finder
Tool used to sift through the millions of documents and find the one you need. Also allows for bulk download of files and logs.
API Access
Access to our legendary data API. Call directly into our database and pull data on demand from any script or application.
10,000 Requests / Month
Basic Economics
Our economics tool used to give you a "back of the envelope" type of economic analysis in seconds.
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