Winter is coming…

This is definitely nowhere near Houston

If you happened to be in Houston yesterday, you might think that summer is actually coming to an end. For those not in Houston, we gauge that by the first day we can make it from the office to the car without sweating.

Seriously though. With the 3rd quarter coming to an end, we start to look forward to the coming year. Oil prices are strong and stable and the next year looks promising. This is the time to evaluate the tools we will use to make sure we take full advantage of the market next year. This is also the time you have to cancel your data contracts if yours is set to renew in the new year. Most data contracts require 90 days notice. So if your contract renews with the new year, now is the time to notify them that you will be shopping around. Don’t make the mistake so many have in the past and find yourself stuck. Cancel your contract and explore your options.

Don’t forget to ask your potential data provide these five questions.
Also, read why data contracts don’t make sense for you.

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