WellDatabase + OG Trust Services

The team at OG Trust Services, LLC (“OGTS”) has relied on WellDatabase for years, but not we are proud to partner with them to integrate WellDatabase data into their mineral management platform, Vision.

OG Trust Services specializes in the management of oil & gas assets for trust companies, family offices, foundations, partnerships, and institutional mineral owners.

Vision is an innovative cloud-based oil and gas management and accounting software platform that provides pioneering functionality at a reasonable price. Specifically engineered for the processing needs of family offices, foundations, and trust companies, Vision streamlines mineral management operations and empowers asset managers to maximize productivity and efficiency. Save money, save time, improve safety and reliability, and help improve asset tracking and management for your organization.

OGTS is eager to provide trust banks and mineral owners with the most accurate and actionable data available and our partnership with WellDatabase compliments our essential account review and asset management processes.  Welldatabase.com works seamlessly with VISION to allow us to achieve our goals on behalf of our clients.

Dana Church, Managing Director, OGTS

At WellDatabase, we’ve always made enabling new technology in the industry a priority. That is why we’re excited to partner with OG Trust. We look forward to working together and to giving trusts and mineral owners a better option to manager their interests. 

John Ferrell, Co-Founder and CEO, WellDatabase

WellDatabase is always seeking to increase value to those in and around the oil and gas community, and this is another prime example of providing better tools and data to those that need them. Data is a critical piece in today’s world and we aim to be a key source for this data.

OG Trust Services offers a suite of products and service packages which include cloud-based oil and gas asset management software, back-office support, compliance support, consulting, and full oil & gas management services. To learn more, check out their website and contact their team.

To see if WellDatabase can be a better option for your team’s data needs, come to WellDatabase.com to learn more or contact our team. We also have weekly webinars and free trials so you can see it in action.