WellDatabase + Funk Futures

We’re excited to start working with the team at Funk Futures. We believe our software gives the industry the better data option it deservers with an intuitive and easy to use interface, being completely transparent in pricing, and offering month to month contracts and affordable subscription options from individuals to enterprise data. As we have grown to over 14,000 users, we are excited to accelerate our growth to even more companies in oil and gas, and the Funk Futures team will help us do that.

HONORED. That’s how we feel. Honored that such an incredible Energy Technology company, with a standout CEO in John Ferrell, has elected to work with us. WellDatabase has infinite upside, and we are excited to add some additional horsepower to their team. Our focus will be two-fold. First: WellDatabase has 15,000 (!!) subscribers without ever making a single outbound sales call. That is incredible, but it is going to change. Second: There are C-Level Executives looking to reduce costs where possible, while also maintaining the quality of their subscription data. We believe there is a compelling story there, and we are excited to explore in a strategic fashion

Jeremy Funk, CEO, Funk Futures

Over the years, our team at WellDatabase has been dedicated to creating the most advanced oil & gas data platform. That dedication has allowed us to create incredible value to our customers and now we’re partnering with Funk Futures to help make sure everyone in our industry knows how we can help. Jeremy and his team have the network and capabilities to get our system in front of thousands of customers. Together we can finally help the industry get the data and tools needed without the headache they historically have had to deal with.”

John Ferrell, CEO and Co-Founder, WellDatabase

Funk Futures combines an unrivaled rolodex, energy industry knowledge, and a “Midas touch” for increasing revenue and opportunities for Energy Technology companies. See more on their website www.funkfutures.com.

To see if WellDatabase can be a better option for your team’s data needs, come to WellDatabase.com to learn more or contact our team at [email protected] We also have weekly webinars and free trials so you can see it in action, get started today!