WellDatabase Acquires Shale Maps Pro

The Woodlands, TX, May 13, 2020

WellDatabase, the fastest growing energy data SaaS company, announced today that it has acquired ShaleMapsPro, a premier provider of high quality and visually stunning maps. ShaleMapsPro offers a library of attractive maps and a dedicated customer base. Maps come in a variety of mediums including high quality paper and canvas prints.
WellDatabase remains dedicated to providing the most advanced data and analytic technologies. The acquisition will help pave a way to providing physical maps of the data and analytics provided in WellDatabase.

“Physical maps remain a staple of the oil & gas industry”, said John Ferrell, CEO of WellDatabase. “We were lucky to work with ShaleMapsPro to provide data in the past, leading to this acquisition. Our goal is to combine our technology with the quality maps ShaleMapsPro is known for.”

Joshua Holt, CTO of WellDatabase said, “We are excited at the possibilities this acquisition provides. The ShaleMapsPro team has created a number of great products. We look forward to expanding and integrating our technology to deliver awesome value in a physical medium.”

About WellDatabase

Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas, WellDatabase aims to usher in a new era of technology for oil & gas. By utilizing modern technologies and automation, WellDatabase revolutionizes the process of pulling, cleansing, and normalizing oil & gas data. The WellDatabase platform brings unparalleled visualization and analytic tools never before experienced in the industry. Our customers get better access to data and better analytic tools, all at a better price.

About ShaleMapsPro

ShaleMapsPro aims to bring a higher quality map to oil & gas. Our team of graphic designers and data analysts combine to provide the most stunning maps in the industry. Utilizing accurate data, we provide a layer of function on top of the aesthetics. Users get maps that they can be proud to hang on the walls of their offices or homes.