State Rig Report Available

You may have seen our recent announcement about our new Rig Report. Well, in addition to the US rig report, we have also added a break down by state. The state rig report is similar, but breaks down the detail within the state. This report is available to all WellDatabase Premium Subscribers. If you aren’t a subscriber yet, start your free trial today.

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Here are a few example reports from the most recent rig report.

Colorado Rig Report – 08132018
New Mexico Rig Report – 08132018
North Dakota Rig Report – 08132018
Oklahoma Rig Report – 08132018
Pennsylvania Rig Report – 08132018
Texas Rig Report – 08132018

Besides a more detailed map, the report also includes a breakdown by county for the state. Sign up today to get the rig reports you need.