Something You Can Count On

Every other day there’s another acquisition, another rebrand…another change. Sometimes you’re not even sure who you’re getting data from anymore. Don’t even get started with pricing. That is it’s own special dumpster fire in this industry. You need something you can count on.

That’s where we come in. You know you can count on WellDatabase to provide some consistency. Here are a few screenshots for you.

Pricing page – 2013
Pricing page – 2015
Pricing page – 2019
Ok, so the price changed $1 (the 99 price just made for harder math).

Same name. Same price (practically). Same transparency.

There is one thing that has changed. Our plans now provide more data, better data, and more tools. How have we continued to add features and data while keeping our prices flat? Technology. We leverage automation and the latest technology. That enables us to scale our systems with minimal additional costs.

In all fairness, we will be re-configuring our packages soon. Unlike our competitors, we will be aiming to provide more value at each package level (including the free). We will also continue to maintain the transparency in pricing that our users love.

So if you haven’t seen WellDatabase lately, it’s time to check us out. We are, and always will be, something you can count on.