Maps Just Got an Upgrade

We just rolled out our latest release. The biggest upgrades are around our mapping tools. Here is a rundown of what you can do.

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Colorize Everything

You can now choose to color the surface hole, bottom hole, and trajectory. You can choose any combination of color options to create the exact map you need. Below are a few examples.

All wells that came online since 2005 in TX, spots colored by the current operator.
All wells producing out of the Eagle Ford formation, with laterals and bottom hole colored by current operator.
The same view, but with the production analytics visible.
Region of the Permian with just the laterals, colored by operator.

Customize Your View

Along with colorizing, you can size the surface hole, bottom hole, and lateral by a number of properties. Along with the customization of which spots are visible, you can get a very customized view. Here are just a handful of samples

Surface hole, bottom hole, and lateral colored by current operator with production analytics.
Map just laterals colored by operator. We have turned on the TX survey/abstract layer. It gives us very good insight into why the laterals are drilled as they are.
Same map with bottom hole colorized as well.
Then with surface hole colored as well. Makes the map a little busy though.
Surface holes are a little more useful here. This is a case where using black icons & lines is useful to help it stand out.
Zoomed in a little more with the county layer on to give even a little more contrast.

WDB Search Layers

Search layers let you “pin” searches on the map. These layers become an inactive or almost a background layer. By that I mean that these wells are visible on your map, but not included in your production. Below we have Anadarko/Oxy wells in the area as our active search. Beside that we have an WDB search layer of nearby Shell wells (in red). On top of that, we have highlighted the Shell wells that came online in the past year with a blue outline. We have set these layers to have more transparency so that it is more clear that they are not our active wells.

These layers are the foundation of an entire new way of working with data in WellDatabase. You will see many updates with this functionality coming very soon. Currently WDB Search Layers are only available in the Pro package. We’ll be evaluating adding it to other packages very soon.

To learn more about this and other great features in WellDatabase, visit our support site –

We’re very proud of this release and the functionality we’ve added. We’re only getting started though. Be on the lookout for tons of new features coming very soon.