WellDatabase Releases Android App in Google Play Store

Houston, TX, June 5, 2014 – WellDatabase is introducing the first oil & gas app for Android to allow users to access data for millions of wells. WellDatabase welcomed the release of their Android application, joining the existing iOS application in providing the only complete source for mobile oil & gas information.

WellDatabase’s iOS application has risen up the charts and is now one of the most successful oil & gas applications in the Apple app store. Releasing the Android version now opens up the same great feature-set to the over 1 billion Android devices currently in use.

“Our team dedicated countless hours on creating an application that is optimal on all Android devices currently in use.” said Joshua Holt, Co-Founder of WellDatabase. “Now every Android device has quick and easy access to over 4 million wells, 2.5 million files, and mapping features including overlays like shale plays, county lines, and oil & gas pipelines. We are bringing the oil & gas industry into the mobile era.”

Holt maintains that this is only the first step in their mobile vision and there will be significant updates and features coming soon.

The Android application is available for download in the Google Play Store.
The iOS application is available in the Apple App Store.
The web application is available by accessing WellDatabase application site.

About WellDatabase
WellDatabase is a customer-oriented software company aiming to take traditional oil & gas software needs and merge them with the latest technology. WellDatabase’s revolutionary platform aims to provide a data source for everyone from the curious royalty owner to the most robust oil & gas engineer.

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